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Sir Walter's Hash House Harriers - The Early Days


Tiny Tank before Hashing...


(actual size)

Tiny Tank invented hashing a long, long, long, LONG time ago...... Then he help spread the word of hashing and venereal disease worldwide. He brought hashing here to Raleigh, North Carolina about 10 years ago from Italy (the 7 year out break of VD has since been contained).

For the first few years Tiny Tank did everything. Tiny was the GM, wanker banker, hare raiser, he laid all trails and ran all the trails... he even drank all the beer..... Then someone asked, "what the fuck is wrong with you, don't you have any friends?" Then Humper and Iceman joined in the fun.

In the early days at the start of every hash, Tiny Tank would masturbate before every trail, but after friends joined in, it became a circle jerk. As time past, this got old (besides women couldn't join in the fun) so when Field & Stream joined, they dropped the jerk part and the start of the hash became known as the circle.

The roots of the early trails are somewhat of a mystery, some thought it was to give women directions to Tiny Tank's house (but we all know better). The actual history of trails were that his mom would give Tiny flour in the morning before he left his house so that he could find his way home. As Tiny grew up, his mother tried to get rid of him by following behind him and laying checks, trying to hide the true trail home. Every day she added more and more false trails but Tiny would always find his way home. This is why he's such a great lay (so I've heard).

Hopefully, Tiny will find inspiration to correct any wayward documentation that is written here... since we all know, if it's on the web, it's got 2B true.

Tiny Tank after Hashing...


(At least in his mind....)


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