Hash Name
GrandMoron ( )
Krusty Beard (GM for life: AC)
Religous Advisor ( )
Butt Slapper Snapper, Dog Ears, Jiggly Poof
DeVirginizer na
Trail Masterbater
Song Menstrual
Joint Mattress
Joint Master
Hare Raiser ( )
CPU (temporary while Doginatrix is away)
Hash Starving Artist
Wanker Banker
Hash Haberdasher
Web Meister ( )
BPD and Rusty Pole

To get up with everyone, SWH3 Hasher Contact List. This is a password protected area.
If you've hashed with us, email & we'll send you your user name & password.

Grand Moron

1. Gets shit started, on time.
2. Welcomes the Circle and Introduces the hares.
3. Makes financial decisions together with Hash Cash
4. Takes an active role in welcoming newcomers
5. Oversees the planning for celebrated "milestone" hashes that occur during term
and delegates tasks to other hashers to help organize these hashes
6. Calls any special committee meetings to make changes to the hash charter
7. Takes crap from everyone. Wait, I mean advice....
8. Helps plans hare parties, if held

Religious Advisor

1. Oversees the running of the circle at the apres
2. Collects offenses during and after run to be meted out as down-downs
3. Can provide "religious advice" before the run start
4. Can punishes a pack member prior to run for some previous hash or week's offense. The punishment involves carrying the Hashit during the run
5. Takes care of the Hashit and brings to each week's run, if he feels like it.
6. Backs up Grand Master in GM's absence


1. Maintains computer database of hash statistics (who comes, how many runs, who hares)
2. Collects statistics at run start to be incorporated into DB - should arrive more or less at the appointed run start time
3. Owns the clipboard and ensures that the clipboard is passed to a delegate in case of run absence


1. Gives instructional speech to virgins before their down-downs
2. Will give the chalk talk to the virgins before the trail.

Trail Masterbater

1. Break in Virgin Hares, show'em the ropes and help them lay, if he can.
2. Takes an active role in welcoming newcomers.
3. Helps (when he can) lay trail (when needed) and / or gives trail advice to hares.

Wanker Banker

1. Oversees finances of the hash - has signature authority over SWHHH credit union account
2. Makes financial decisions together with GM
3. Collects hash cash at run start - should arrive more or less at the appointed run start time
4. Disburses subsidy to each week's hare(s)
5. Works with Hash Hasherdasher to finance new apparel expenditures

Song Menstrual

1. Carries a list of songs to sing in the circle.
2. Keeps up with which song has been used so it's only used once a night.

Joint Mattress
Joint Master

1. Backs up Trail Masterbater in his/her absence
2. Backs up GM and RA for all responsibilities
3. Backs up Hash Cash in his/her absence
4. Backs up On-Sec in his/her absence
5. Backs up Song Menstrual
6. Helps with pouring and handing out Down-Downs Make sure wankers fill thier own cups up with whatever they want, when they do a down-down.

Hash Hasherdasher

1. Comes up with new ideas for good stuff to sell that wankers will want to buy
2. Keeps leftover, unsold hash apparel and brings to hashes to sell on demand
3. Works with Hash Starving Artist to coordinate inclusion of original art in apparel
4.Oversees hash apparel distribution
5. Works with Hash Cash to finance new apparel expenditures
(the hash should front all new expenditures and collect receipts for apparel sales)

Hash Starving Artist

1. Designs logos, T-shirts, flyers, etc. for hash apparel and propaganda
2. Works with Hasherdasher to coordinate production of apparel based on designs
3. Works with WebMeister to coordinate web site art and design


1. Maintains the SWHHH web site excluding the Receding Hareline
2. Works with Hash Starving Artist to coordinate inclusion of original art in web site
3. Writes or delegates the writing of the weekly Hash Trash
4. Monitors the hash e-mail address (info@swh3.com)

Hare Raiser

1. Makes sure that each week's run has an assigned hare or hares as far in advance as possible. Brings sign-up sheet to any hare parties held
2. Sends out the e-mail for each week's run information
3. Finds a replacement hare or hares if an assigned hare cannot meet a haring obligation
4. Maintains the Receding Hareline on the SWHHH web site
5. Disseminates each week's hash locale/direction information to the Hash Website

Collective Responsibilities and Tasks

These tasks are performed collectively by the mismanagement committee (MC) at different times during the hashing year. Starting October 21, 2000, SWHHH will have a Annual General Meeting (AGM) hash where the new committee is generally appointed. These collective tasks are:

Selects new committee members (including their own replacements) by simple majority vote in advance of the AGM. Which roles are changed at the AGM depends on several factors ranging from an MC member's desire to step down to deposition of an offending MC member. No MC member can stay in a given role if it goes against a majority of the remaining MC members wishes, but such a deposition should occur only if the member is a total asshole or if there is another qualified hasher who wants to fill the role. If somebody outside of the MC desires to serve on the MC, they should be given a fair shake by the MC. We don't want a good ol' boys club syndrome to happen. The idea is that annual committee change is good as it keeps a fresh perspective on things.

Determines the upcoming year's hash schedule sometime in advance of the new hashing year (1/1/nnnn). The Hare Raiser or a delegate must be present at this meeting. This schedule is maintained afterwards by the Hare Raiser and included on the Receding Hareline.

Help the GM in the planning and execution of tasks required to pull off milestone hash celebrations

Participate as much as reasonably possible in special meetings called by the GM. All decisions reached should be a consensus but the decision of the GM is final.

Uphold the philosophy of Sir Walter's Hash - not too vulgar, but no Mary Poppins either; runs aren't too long nor too short; but the beer is always cold, good, and plentiful!

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