SWH3 Hare Marks


A brief description of our Hash: The Start is known as the Circle; you "circle up" to hear information from the Hares (but you can never *really* trust a hare... they lie...) We'll give a virgin talk to the first timers, telling you about our marks (just in case you didn't read them here!).

The object of hashing is to help each other find the true trail that leads us to the beer! The On-In is the end of the trail but NOT the end of the fun. At the ON-IN, all "trail offenses" are tallied up and we will once again "circle up" to give out punishment for the offenses....... these are called Down-Downs, and they are not negotiable (though you don't have to drink beer--water and soda are perfectly acceptable). We'll sing you a song and when we finish, you start drinking. Once Circle ends, we often meet up (the On-After) at a restaurant or bar to continue the fun.

Dollop of flour: hare uses it to lay a trail to beer, follow them & yell "on-on" when you see it. Sometimes we'll use chalk, toilet paper or shredded paper, we'll let you know at the start (known as "the circle").
It is 3 of these,put them together, it makes a trail; it goes to beer!

Check: dollops tend to gravitate to these. Trail from checks could go 369 degrees in any direction. You need to find the true trail. False trails may be encountered from checks....
False Trail: usually found at the end of a trail of dollops that go nowhere. Go back to the check & find true trail. Listen to the calls of "on-on" in the air.... beware: not all false trails are marked like this!
Check Back: you were on true trail but it turned off somewhere along the way from the last check. Start checking backwards to find it, tell the rest of the pack!
Pack Arrow: usually trustworthy, but not always. Might be a shortcut, might be there to throw you off.
Hare Arrow (True Trail:) Used to let the pack hounds know that they are going in the correct direction (at least, as far as the trail is concerned).
Turkey / Eagle Split: two ways to get to the same place. Turkey is easier and/or shorter. Eagle is longer and/or more challenging. Some hares will tell virgins that this means "Tough / Easy." Do not fall for this.
Beer Near: A sign to get your mouth watering
Beer Break: the reason why we do this!
You've Been Fooled (F#$%): usually at the end of a very long (or hilly or wet) false trail, go to the last check and find true trail. Hares appreciate hounds who fall victim to this.
Hash Halt: Stop and wait for the pack to regroup. Good time to check for ticks and discuss cuts & bruises. Useful after woods or water or long ass hauls on pavement. Usually totally ignored by Finger Lickin' Good.
Tit Check: See if you have mammary glands. If you do, look for True Trail. If you don't, sit tight and wait for a harriette to find the true trail. Works well as a mini-hash-halt. It lets a harriette become a FRB (Front R*nning Bastard/Bitch)...
Which Way: One or both ways may work..... You choose which way you want to go. Beware of YBF with these.
ON-IN, the end..... Gather around, trail offenses are taken, down-downs, are given out, songs are sung. The On-On-After is announced, we'll go to some place to get a bite to eat and drink.

Trails are usually A to A (start and finish in the same place.) If it's A to A' (called "A Prime", the end will be near the start, within walking distance). If the trail is A to B, the trail will end in a far away place.... a "B" van will be provided to store clean clothes or gear in and it will be parked at the end (called On-In).... it will also be use to transport people back to the start. The first people back to their cars should return to help get the rest of the pack back to their vehicles....

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